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Right now.


    Right now.

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  11. father letter

    today I spent the day with lorena picked up our year books took her for a ride on my motorcycle and pretty much had a very good day together. we got to talking about my dad and some of his adventures in life and I told her how much my dad loved me and how I was suppose to be his rock through hard times. I never thought my dad was always that proud of me for who I was and what I believed in. he was a very schedule and go getter while I was lazy and rather go with the flow. today I got home and decided it was time to clean out my dads car after I had trashed it with my clothes and homework and odds and ends. I decided to do a clean sweep and began throwing things away when I stumble across a little pin with a purple ribbon which read survivor across the ribbon. I lifted it and examined it. underneath was a letter which was written july 22nd 2012 the day my father was diagnosed with cancer it said : ” Hi Austin, When you find this note I will be with my lord in Heaven I really had a great  life with you and I hope you did with me. Jesus and I will be waiting for you when it is time, because we both love you more then you can imagine! I am very proud of you and always liked your calmness in life. Take good care of my Wife, your mom, for she needs you. stay strong for me please! - love you son, Dad.” I froze and ran to show my mother. of course a tear or two were shed but I was so awe struck from reading said letter which is just the message I have been waiting to hear from my father. Many might not understand but once you undergo chemo and the medication necessary to remain alive during the process you become changed he was never the same after the first chemo treatment but he wrote this before everything happened because he knew. he fought through it all because he knew how much I wanted him to fight. he knew he wasn’t going to make it but he to wanted to show his son that I had something to be proud of him for and I most certainly am proud of him. because he is the best father and he fought all the way till the end so that he could be alone with me and mom to hear us say we loved him one last time so he could finally be with the one person who brought him comfort more then us. His Lord!. he is safe and he waits for me. and when the day comes I will lay there up at my dad and I will run to him like so long ago and greet him with a hug and tell him I got the message. Thank you!. I just wanted to write this out because it means so much to me what I have found.

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  12. Lorena My Love

    I Miss you so much its only been about two days and i’m already breaking down very bad. I cried for the first time today and it was about my father and I out of instinct called your phone and then realized I can’t talk to you. it makes me feel sad. I feel like we have been broken up and I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m battling to things right now missing you and missing my dad and neither of you are hear helping me. I feel lost and I need you. I just want you to know i’m sorry for anything I’ve ever done to you. you are the most amazing person in my life truly, I think about everything we’ve been through together and all of our adventures that we go on. I am amazed by the fact that your still with me and that you love me. I just wanna stare into your eyes and tell you everything about my love for you. I could go on and on. your hair is so beautiful and perfect I love running my fingers through them, short or long your hair is always beautiful and its all mine, your face omg so many wonderful features on your face. I love your eye brows they are so lush and fluffy and nice done by professional or natural they are just so amazing, your eyes omg they tell so many things about you, your eyes speak to me and tell me your love and your hate and happiness and anger and sorrow and just everything the color is beautiful yes but its the story that they tell which puts me in awe!! your nose oh gosh it’s my nose, I was thinking the other day how you would tell me “becareful with my nose it will bleed easily” and so far it hsn’t shed a drop of blood because of me, I love it and treat it right and even when I bully it, it never bleeds because I know how to take care of your body. your lips my gosh your mouth should I say they are definetly a favorite of mine (lol along with the rest of your body) they speak such love and hate and every other emotion, you teach me and you yell at me, you plead and beg and ask and agree and argue and combat and prove point and you have just a wonderful mouth that is beautifully shapped but also tells me everything I want to hear and sometimes not :P. your chin so amazing one of my first favorite charecteristics about you from our youth, it was so obvious and the only part of you I had no fear of grabbing without your permission, always available and always mine, its one part of your body i’ll never share with anyone EVER!!!! your neck oh such great history with this part of you, you trust me so much to take care of such a vulnerable part of your body, and even though I almost ruined that trust I proved to you that I will always take care of your neck and show it the sweet tender love it deserves and when allowed i’ll be rough with it. your shoulders and collar bone, a feature on the body I always over looked till I was with you, you taught me of its wonderous crevouses and the beauty it bestows, I love massaging your shoulders and collar bones, your chest (boobs) soo beautiful, they are perfect for me they fit in my hand and in my mouth just so perfectly, they are soft and firm and everything I want and more, such beautiful history with your chest, it ws one of the first jokes I made about your body with the whole detatched nipples and all but for sure they are mine and they better be attatched because I never want to lose them. your stomach its probably the single most important and most often taken care of part of your body since the beginning of the relationship, from the scars to your periods to sudden tummy aches and just laying down, i’m always kissing, rubbing, sucking, licking and just about every part of my body has been on your tummy I protect it just as much as your neck and back because one day that belly will be carrying precious cargo :D . your vagina, what can I say its so beautiful and I definitely show it lots and lots and lots and lmao lots of love I love this part of you because its simply beautiful and it will be my weapon of mass destruction when it realeases an evil so terrible that nuns cry and some call it diablo but we call it a baby. your legs are perfect nothing more to say really I treat them just as well as the rest of you and I love when they are drapped over me so I can rub them and relax you. your feet are next these are your weak spot, if I can get ahold of these babies you are under my spell with all the love and massaging I give them yes is ever answer to me. your back and your butt are all mine I usually like faceing you face to face but when i’m back there I protect you and relax you and defend you and bully you all from your back and butt so wonderful. thought id share my feelings and explosion of love for my missing of you. I Love you and I miss you

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  13. I miss you baby and when we lay naked

    I miss you baby and when we lay naked

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CAn I have this in mykitchen PLEASE!!!!  http://weheartit.com/entry/697230


    CAn I have this in mykitchen PLEASE!!!!  

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